The Golden Glee Club

The Golden Glee Club, a drag musical inspired by the TV series The Golden Girls. The four “ladies” decide that it’s time to stop sitting around the house so much and to get out and do something. So they decide to start a glee club and give concerts at some of the many homes for the elderly in Miami. In the meanwhile Blanche falls in love with the wrong man (again) while Sofia keeps coming up with outlandish schemes to try to get money out of her daughter Dorothy – including claims that she is being pursued by the Sicilian Mafia. The four “ladies” are played by top San Antonio character actors and the show is directed by multi-award-winning director Greg Hinojosa.


Woodlawn Pointe Community Center
(directly opposite Jefferson High School)


Dorothy: Richard C. Solis
Rose: John Stillwaggon
Sofia: David Cortez
Blance: Dave Ankrom
Jana: Becky King Balter
Robert Moritz: Stanley

Direction: Greg Hinojosa
Scene Design: Greg Hinojosa
Lighting Design: Sondra Gervasi
Costume Design: Greg Hinojosa
Location: 702 Donaldson Avenue, San Antonio, Texas, 78201


April 20-23. 2017

Group Rate: $15.00 (Valid for groups of 8 or more)
Student and Senior: $15.00
Senior (65+) and Student tickets must be verified at the door by valid ID.
Regular: $20.00
Purchase online: